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Double-hung windows are suitable for modern homes. Look at some of the unique advantages that aluminium double-hung windows offer.

5 Unique Advantages of Aluminium Double-Hung Windows


When it comes to windows, few designs are more elegant and classical than double-hung windows. And although double-hung windows are one of the oldest window designs around, they are suitable for modern homes. In fact, aluminium double-hung windows offer some unique and valuable advantages.

1. Natural cross convection

To see clearly how this benefit works, you’ll need to first understand what convection is. Hot air is lighter than cold air. This is why hot air rises and why the upper rooms of your home are hotter on a hot summer’s day. At the same time, cold air sinks. Scientists call this natural phenomenon convection. And a convection current is when hot air rises and cold air sinks to create a cycle.

Double-hung windows can allow you to take advantage of this natural process to cool your home. On a hot day, when a breeze is blowing outside, you can allow cool air to enter your home if you open the bottom of a double-hung window on the windward side.

Then, on the opposite side of your home, you can release hot air if you open the top half of a double-hung window. This will create a convection current that brings in cold air in one side and pushes out hot air on the other side. This can help you cut down on air conditioner use and fill your home with fresh, cool air.

2. Open during rainfall

A little-known benefit of double-hung windows is the ability to have the upper portion of your windows open slightly during rainfall. This is particularly useful on days when a storm rolls in after hot weather. You’ll be able to cool your house without damaging your windowsill or floors.

And, if you’d like to air out your house while you pop out for a moment, you can leave the top window open just a crack so that if it does rain, you won’t need to worry about rain getting into your home.

3. Safe for children

If you have young and curious children, double-hung windows can keep them cool and safe. Casement windows leave space for a child to squeeze into or reach through. But with a double-hung window, you only need open up the top window a little to let in fresh air.

4. Convenient in tight spaces

Double-hung windows are also a convenient option for small rooms and narrow spaces and walkways. Unlike casement windows, which project outwards, double-hung windows open upwards or downwards, and this means they will not take up space in a confined area.

And double-hung windows are convenient in rooms that look out onto outdoor recreation areas, such as a deck or patio. For instance, you can open them without worrying that they might obstruct someone in your yard.

5. Impervious to rot and warp damage

Aluminium double-hung windows have one clear advantage over windows built with timber or vinyl. Unlike those materials, aluminium doesn’t warp in severe weather such as heavy rainfall or harsh, prolonged sunlight. And you won’t have to apply coats of protective paint to keep your aluminium from suffering water or UV damage.

And while aluminium doesn’t rust as steel or iron does, it might experience some corrosion. But aluminium corrosion creates a grey, silvery-coloured coating that isn’t as easy to notice as the orange-coloured rust of iron and steel.

Are you convinced about the value of double-hung windows? Then now is a good time to get in touch with Abbey Aluminium. Call us today to discuss how we can add a touch of class and elegance to your home with the addition of aluminium double-hung windows.