Double Glazed Windows

What are Double Glazed Windows?

Abbey Aluminium’s double glazed windows are specifically designed to improve the insulation and energy efficiency of a home. They work by layering two panes of glass against one another, with a layer of air in between. The whole structure is then sealed, trapping the air, which then acts as a powerful insulator against heat, cold and noise.  

Why Choose Double Glazed Windows ?

The Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS)There are many advantages to Abbey Aluminium Commercial Frame Double Glazed Windows which make  it easier to create beautiful living spaces which meet contemporary aspirations for efficiency and comfort. They are a fantastic option for insulating your home. Most heat loss and gain comes from the windows in your home. The energy efficiency of a building is influenced by many different design aspects. Orientation, insulation, ventilation, shading, sealing and building size are all important, and all interact with each other. In the face of this complexity, double glazed windows are often touted as a key ingredient of energy efficient buildings.

Long-term cost savings. Heating and cooling your home is one of the most costly items on your energy bill, so installing Abbey Aluminium double glazed windows means you spend less money on trying to optimize the temperature of your home.

  • Better acoustic insulation: Our systems are tested by the National Acoustic Laboratories to provide the highest level of assurance in their performance integrity.
  • Noise Reduction: Our expectation for comfort and efficiency in our built environment is changing. Urban in-fill development, busier transportation routes and changes in the ways we use our homes are increasing our focus on achieving “acoustic comfort”. In recent years the problem of unwanted or harmful noise has become a pressing issue throughout Australia. Local governments have introduced regulations to address the problem, in some instances local municipalities have their own regulations or guidelines regarding noise abatement. The Team at Abbey Aluminium  can help you choose the correct selection of window systems that can have a significant effect on the internal acoustic and weather comfort of a building.

Reduced condensation issues. Condensation can form on windows when there is a difference in temperature between the outside and inside. This condensation can leave streaks on your walls, damage paint and develop into mould, which can be difficult to eliminate. Our double glazed windows, however, reduce the likelihood of this problem.

What makes our Double Glazed Windows different?

Our double glazed windows don’t only leverage the technology of layering window panes to create strong, energy efficient structures, but each window also enjoys the advantage of being fitted with our custom aluminium frames. Our aluminium frames are made with high grade aluminium manufactured in New Zealand and combines materials that add significant benefits to our double glazed windows:

Our aluminium frames are stronger and considered more durable than other framing materials. Aluminium is a metal that doesn’t corrode, rust or warp over time. It is also extremely tough, making it the perfect material for large windows that put a lot of pressure on their frames.


Double Glazing