Where to Place Sliding Windows!

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6 February 2020
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Sliding Windows

Sliding Windows

Where to Place Sliding Windows to Best Complement Your Home

Choosing the right window type for your home can be a difficult task. There are so many types from which to choose. But not every room and every corner of your home needs to employ the same window type. For instance, sliding windows come with unique benefits that might only be useful in certain rooms.

But where should you place sliding windows to get the best out of them? Keep reading to learn about where a sliding window would best complement your home.

In places that are hard to reach

Because sliding windows are relatively simple to open, they work well in places where you need to reach over furniture or appliances to get to them. For instance, a sliding glass window would work well above a kitchen sink or above a bathtub. Likewise, sliding glass windows also work well in small laundry rooms, where space might be limited and easy access to fresh air is a must!

In areas where you like to entertain outdoors

In Australia, one in two homeowners entertains their guests in their outdoor space. If you also enjoy entertaining guests out on your patio or deck, you will benefit if the windows in those areas don’t take up valuable space. For instance, awning windows that open outward into those areas would obstruct your guests. This window type would also block outdoor paths.

Sliding windows work great in these areas because they don’t take up valuable deck or patio space. Moreover, you can also communicate easily with guests using stacking sliding windows if you are inside.

In locations between the kitchen and dining area

Do you have an alfresco dining area in your yard? Then a sliding stacking window would be an ideal addition to your home in that area. A sliding window would allow you to transfer items from your indoor kitchen to your alfresco dining area. You’ll also be able to transfer dirty dishes to your kitchen sink more easily with a sliding stacking window connecting the two areas. A bonus here, is that these can have a sliding fly screen!


In spaces that need good ventilation

A double sliding window can open from both sides. That means you get double the ventilation options that you would with just one sliding window or an awning window. In stuffy areas of your home that tend to heat up quickly during the summer, ventilation is important. And if you want to give your air conditioning a rest on hot days, you can open up both sliding windows.

In walls where there is more width than height

Sliding windows are wider than they are taller, so not only will they fit in a wider space better but they’ll also give you a more panoramic view than traditionally taller narrower windows will. That makes them perfect for homes that look out onto naturally beautiful settings. A window can frame the view!

Sliding windows offer many unique benefits. Do you want to add them to your home in your upcoming renovations? Then get in touch with Abbey Aluminium today. With over 39 years of experience in selling aluminium windows and doors, we can ensure that your sliding windows will stand up to the test of time as well as the Australian climate and weather conditions. We use only Architectural Window Systems (AWS) Vantage and Elevate extrusions to compliment your residential or commercial renovation or new build.

Click here to contact us. We are your nearest Vantage supplier now in Sydney, Woollongong and Sutherland Shire, Caringbah, Taren Point, Menai and Liverpool.  

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