Common Excuses Homeowners Use to Avoid Getting Replacement Windows

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17 June 2021
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17 June 2021
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Getting new windows is a big investment and turns a home upside down for a couple of days. The magnitude and inconvenience often put people off. So instead of getting replacement windows in the South of Sydney in the Sutherland Shire, when they should, they come up with a million excuses to put the project off. Unfortunately, the excuses and the delay end up costing them more in the long run. These are some of the worst excuses people use to avoid installing replacement windows:

Replacement Windows Don’t Make Much Difference

The windows in the home do so much. They provide natural light and ventilation. They help protect the home against heat gains, noise pollution, and harmful UV rays. They offer safety and security. They also contribute to the aesthetics of the home and are an important focal point both inside and out. Getting new windows will make a significant difference in a number of ways.

My Old Windows Can Last a Few More Years

People always assume their old windows simply aren’t that bad. They also decide that dealing with outdated windows is just a minor inconvenience instead of a home improvement emergency. After all, if the glass isn’t broken, why fix it? The truth of the matter is that smaller problems with windows can lead to larger damages to the substructure of your home and more expensive renovations in the future.

I Can Just Make Repairs

Some minor repairs, like replacing the caulk or weather stripping, are easy. But there are other things windows repairs simply cannot resolve. Warped frames, cracked glass, and fogging between the panes all require window replacement.

I Don’t Have Time for this Project

Yes, it takes time to sift through the various products and find the right window style, size, frame material, and glazing options. But once those decisions have been made homeowners can leave the installation to the professionals. It may turn life upside down for a couple of days, but professional installers can complete the entire project quickly and efficiently. That is not something that can be said of DIY window installation.

I Should Wait for the Weather to Improve

A lot of homeowners believe they have to wait for spring or summer before they get new windows. Sure, those are popular times to get replacement windows. But they are not the only times. Installers tackle projects year-round. And they have the proper skills and tools to help protect the home in any season and any kind of weather.

I am Moving Soon Anyway

Homeowners might put off replacement windows because they plan to sell the home. What they might not realize is replacement windows can get them a great return on their investment. Not only will they boost curb appeal and increase the value of the home, but also attract the attention of prospective buyers.

New Windows are Too Expensive

New windows are an investment, it is true. But so is every other home improvement project. But the good news is new windows can also save time and money. They increase energy savings. They require fewer repairs and less maintenance. And they increase the value of the home. And with so many options on the market, homeowners are sure to find products to suit their needs and budget.

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