ANDO™ Hardware

Colour Matched, Keyed Alike, Durable,

The ANDO™ hardware range incorporated gentle curves and elegant lines to deliver a stylish, but not showy range of handles and locks for your windows and doors

Developed to complement the modern design and clean lines of the Architectural Series, the ANDO™ range brings a fresh and sleek look to residential or commercial windows and doors. Available across the range of window and door applications and in a wide variety of finishes, ANDO™ hardware offers a family appearance providing consistency throughout your project.


ANDO™ Bi-fold Operator

Hardware Type matches #93213

ANDO™ Chainwinder

Hardware Type #93076

ANDO™ Sliding Window Lock

Series 462 Window / Hardware Type #93273

ANDO™ Sliding Door Lock

Hardware Type #93645

ANDO™ | Slimline Sliding Door Lock

Hardware Type #93691

ANDO™ | Hinged Door Lock or Bifold Door Handle

Hardware #93213

ANDO™ | Double-Hung Lock

Hardware Type #93039 #93672

Sliding Window STD Key Lock

Hardware Type #94162 Used on 504B and 452 Windows

Double Cylinder Lock

Standard Handle for 541 and 542 Sliding Doors
Ando Hardware