Servery Windows

Australian’s love the outdoors and take every opportunity to incorporate our beautiful climate into our daily life. Bi-fold and sliding servery windows are the ideal product and a home-entertainer’s dream!

Connecting the kitchen to the outside living space is highly desirable with our modern day living. Add a servery window to your kitchen and enjoy alfresco living. Whilst we are inside cooking up a storm or preparing the cheese platter, we want to still be connected to our guests through conversation, uninterrupted views and ease of access to pass food and drink through the window. 

Servery windows can bring in sought after natural light and ventilation into the kitchen. You can keep an eye on your children or grandchildren much easier with a clear view of the outdoor area. Not to mention a nicer view when doing the dishes! 

With the benefit of a running track that can be recessed into servery benches to create a stylish, up-market finish, a flush frame creates bench space when opened. Another benefit is the creation of a functioning space that would have been an impractical brick wall. With functionality and aesthetic appeal like this, it’ll be the talk of the street.


Abbey Aluminium Sydney can manufacture our servery windows specific to your requirements as there are no standard sizes! 

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