Glass is the only building material that not only insulates us from temperature extremes; it can also control the passage of light and heat into and out of our homes.

There are 3 main areas to consider when thinking about windows and glazing for your project: natural light, solar heat gain and thermal conductivity.

By choosing the right performance glass, you can enjoy your views and natural light while controlling UV and glare. Benefit from the natural warming effect of solar heat during winter and minimise its impact during summer and insulate your home against excessive heat loss or gain.

By understanding your climate’s heating and cooling needs, you can determine your overall glass selection priorities. Performance glass can also help to overcome site limitations so you can still enjoy your views without compromising your home’s energy efficiency.

You can combine energy-efficient glass with other options, including glass that reduces noise, provides protection from intruders, and creates shelter from extreme weather to create the perfect windows for your building project.

We can advise you regarding the ideal glass for your renovation or new build.

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How to Clean Glass!

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