Colour Chart

When selecting powder coat finishes for multiple components of your build contact Abbey Aluminium for colour palettes on the inside and outside of your home, we have a variety of colours in our wide range of finishes.

Recommended Cleaning.
Like any other painted surface, powder-coated aluminium
performs at its best when properly cared for. The key is
keeping the surface free from pollutants and environmental
A gentle clean with a soft brush and mild detergent,
followed by a freshwater rinse will maintain the long-term
performance of your powder coated products. Cleaning in
shade and during cooler parts of the day is ideal. Ensure
the cloths or brushes used are soft. Wipe gently to avoid
scratches and scraping.
Cleaning should be undertaken as below:
• Rural and urban environments: every 12 months
• Industrial, coastal or high pollution areas: every 3 months
• Heavy industrial, marine or beachfront areas: monthly
Do not use strong solvents, abrasive cleaning products or
any product recommended for thinning paints. To remove
splashed paint, sealants, or mastics use white spirits.
We recommend that prior to using any cleaning agent, test
a small non-visible area of your powder coated product to
ensure that no visual colour change or damage will occur.
Ask your fabricator for the care and maintenance
information specific to your product choice.

View our Colour Chart PDF CLICK HERE