MIRO™ Hardware

Contemporary style, function and durability to compliment Vantage® and Elevate™ windows and doors.

MIRO™ Hardware offers a stunning blend of contemporary design, function and durability incorporating comfortable ergonomics and beautiful aesthetics to provide ease of use across all ages. Click on button links below for further information.

** NEW ** Now Available in White and Silver

MIRO™ | Hinged Door Lock

Hardware Type #92001

MIRO™ | Bi-fold Operator

Hardware Type #92009

MIRO™ I Recessed Pull

Hardware Type #92036

MIRO™ | Chainwinder

Hardware Type #Miro 93076

MIRO™ | Chainwinder I SAL

Optional Special Access Lever (SAL) achieves compliance with AS2047, AS1428: 2009 Section 13.5 (Disability Access) and Liveable Housing Guidelines.

MIRO™ | D-Pull Sliding Door Handle

Hardware Type #92020

MIRO™ | Sliding Window Lock

Hardware Code # Miro Sliding Window Lock

MIRO™ | Single Point Sliding Door Lock

Hardware Type # 92025