French Doors 

We manufacture top quality locally made hinged French doors in Sydney and Wollongong locations.

Our French doors are a stunning addition to any property. Made up of numerous square panes of glass framed by our quality aluminium they can be used to complement both vintage and contemporary design. hinged doors

The main reason why anyone considers French doors is their beautiful design. Their timeless elegance adds a little countryside grace to gardens or terraces, while also giving plain rooms some extra personality when seen from the inside. Aside from just adding character they also add significant equity to a property, increasing the value and appeal of your residence or business when paired with the right architectural style.

Why use Abbey Aluminium for your French doors designs?

With almost forty years in the industry, Abbey Aluminium has a long history of making quality doors and windows for residential, commercial and designer properties. A particular strength of ours is that we use high-grade aluminium materials for our structures. Aluminium, when compared to other common framing materials, is:

  • Uncommonly strong. Aluminium does not warp or crack, is corrosion and rust-resistant, and can withstand high pressure, making it an ideal material for window design.
  • Very affordable. Due to its accessibility and malleability aluminium is far more affordable than other common framing choices like wood.
  • Low maintenance. Due to the fact that aluminium is powder-coated, its paint does not peel or flake over time, meaning that it never has to be repainted.