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18 May 2020
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11 June 2020
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A Hamptons-inspired home is becoming increasingly popular in Australia. It’s defined by casual, relaxed beach-style living but done in a contemporary way. Picture this: Plenty of natural daylight, a neutral colour palette with textures and hints of navy and creams. No longer do you only get to enjoy this style when you holiday in an Airbnb, now you can achieve this look too! Now, we are no interior stylists or architects but we do know windows and doors. Let us take you through some options because, in our opinion, windows and doors are the key features to ‘get right’ when creating a Hamptons-inspired home. 

Pearl White French doors on an upstairs balcony paired with a soft sheer curtain is a trademark of true Hamptons style living. Waking up and opening the French doors to let a breeze through will be your favorite task of the morning. 

Bi-fold doors are popular to connect the indoor living and outdoor living areas. Our bi-fold door panels glide effortlessly on bottom rollers and are compatible with industry-leading Centor™ retractable flyscreens for a beautiful, integrated look.

Double-hung windows with colonial bars are a big feature of Hamptons-inspired homes. Often the tops of the windows have the colonial bars and the bottoms are left untouched, which is great for ventilation.   

A trend we are starting to see more of is the servery window. Often in the form of a bi-fold window, it is placed in the kitchen where the kitchen bench extends into the outdoor entertaining area. Perfect for marrying the indoor and outdoor areas and creating a fantastic feature. 

So there we have it. Some options to get you thinking about your Hamptons-inspired home. Just remember how important the windows and doors are! 




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