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There are plenty of considerations to make when choosing the right set of windows for your home, from their purpose to their aesthetic appeal, it is never an easy choice. To help make the decision easier for you we have outlined the three most important factors to take into account when choosing your ideal windows; style, performance and material.

The different styles of window to choose from:

The purpose of your windows will be central to the shape and style that you choose.

  • Allowing light into the home. If you are looking to allow the maximum amount of light into your house then floor to ceiling windows and glass sliding doors are the ideal choice.
  • Looking for privacy. Bathrooms and bedrooms might want a little more privacy than the more common areas of the house, so elements like tinting, frosted glass or shutters are a great way to earn a little more alone time.
  • Street appeal. If you are looking to increase the appeal of your home then square windows or elegant grill designs can add a touch of personality.
  • Having the proper ventilation means that your windows need to be able to open. Wind-out or awning windows are designed to be opened to allow air into the house while still keeping the rain and worst of the wind outside.

Considering energy efficiency and performance:

There are several practical considerations that you should take into account when choosing windows for your home that are not just about style. Some important points to think about include:

  • Your home’s acoustic performance. If you live in the city or near a noisy centre then the acoustic insulation of your windows will become a vital consideration for a good night’s sleep. Make sure that the windows you choose will keep out the noise if you live in a busy area.
  • Your home’s security needs. While most Australian homes will not need anything more than basic security precautions, if you do live in a higher risk area then you should take into account the strength of your glass, the quality of the framing, sophistication of the locks and the affect of window size on the safety performance of your windows.
  • Your home’s energy efficiency. Choosing double or triple paned glass will drastically improve the energy efficiency of your home, saving you money on heating and cooling.

What material is right for you?

Common window framing materials include wood, uPVC and aluminium. While each has its own strengths, such as the aesthetic appeal of wooden frames or the thermal performance of uPVC, aluminium is probably the material with the greatest flexibility and benefit in the long run. Aluminium is:

  • Extremely tough. Aluminium is remarkably strong, making it the ideal material for large fixtures. It is also corrosion and rust resistant and will not warp or crack over time like wood.
  • Affordable. Aluminium is a very accessible material making it more affordable than other common options. It also has a long life expectancy and will save you money over the years in low maintenance costs.
  • Energy efficient. When properly designed aluminium windows can be very energy efficient and heat resistant, making them an ideal choice for the Australian climate.
  • Flexible in design. Due to its strength and malleability aluminium can be used to create almost any shape, making it ideal for custom window designs. It also comes in the full spectrum of colours, which are powder coated onto the aluminium, meaning that the paint will never peal or flake.

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