The benefits of aluminium doors and windows for your new house build

8 September 2013
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17 April 2019

Aluminium is one of the world’s most miraculous metals and a staple of the modern era. It is light-weight, remarkably heat resistant and extremely tough, making it one of the premier building materials in the world. Not only does it look sleek and modern but it is extremely functional, with its malleability, power to resist erosion and ability to withstand large amounts of weight.

Aluminium can be as flexible as the foil that we use to cover our food to as tough as the outer shell of an aeroplane, making it truly one of the most versatile materials on the market. It is no wonder that many are now turning to this useful metal to feature in construction and design.

There are plenty of advantages to choosing aluminium doors and windows over more traditional choices such as wood or even uPVC materials. To help you make an informed choice, here are the five benefits of aluminium doors and windows for your new house build:

Aluminium components are remarkably strong:

Aluminium is a much tougher material than wood or uPVC, meaning that damage and degradation is much less likely over time. It is corrosion and rust-resistant making it the perfect material for withstanding the harsh sun and heavy rain that much of Australia is affected by.

This toughness also means that it will not warp, crack or change shape the way that other materials might, such as wood, which is often prone to swelling or splitting due to environmental conditions, making it a product that enjoys an extended lifespan and that requires little maintenance.

Aluminium is affordable and will save you money in the long run:

Due to the accessibility of the material aluminium is very affordable, often much cheaper than traditional options. Aside from a lower outright cost it is also much cheaper in the long run. It requires very little of the maintenance that would often be needed for wood or uPVC fixtures because of its inherent strength and because it is powder coated it doesn’t need repainting.

It can be very energy efficient:

Aluminium frames can be designed to be extremely energy efficient, lowering the thermal gain and loss of your property. This can be a fantastic way to save on energy bills as it becomes less necessary to continuously heat your home during winter or cool it during summer.

This heat resistance also becomes very important in parts of Australia that are often affected by bush-fires because aluminium doors and sliding windows can be constructed to better withstand the heat and destructive power of these events, especially when compared to other common materials.

It allows for greater flexibility in design:

Aluminium’s unique properties make them a designer’s dream. It is extremely malleable, meaning that it can take almost any shape that might be required for a frame. Aluminium is also strong, so it has become the best choice for houses that require materials tough enough to withstand the pressure of very large windows or doors.

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