Warranty & Terms and Conditions


Signing your quotation provided by Abbey Aluminium PTY LTD  you hereby agree to the following

Terms and Conditions of Sale as listed below;

  • Please check your quotation carefully and ensure all details, glass, quantities, hardware, colour and sizes are correct.
  • Diagrams on this quotation depict units as being VIEWED FROM OUTSIDE of the building looking in.
  • All nominated sizes exclude the reveal width and are aluminium frame size only.
  • All windows and doors are sliding or opening the correct way, hinged doors are confirmed to open in/out?
  • Finger Jointed Primed Pine Reveals will add 36mm to 40mm to the aluminium size of products
  • Abbey Aluminium will supply ONE MAN to unload, the customer is required to provide 1-2 OR MORE PHYSICALLY CAPABLE ADULTS TO ASSIST in unloading materials from the trailer or utility
  • If the quotation states ‘delivery’ this means we will provide ONE Delivery service of the products listed in the quotation. This  includes off loading from the truck to a distance of 5metres at  ground level only.
  • Additional deliveries will incur a delivery charge.
  • The Customer and or assistants indemnifies and will keep the ABBEY ALUMINIUM PTY LTD and its Associates indemnified from and against all actions, suits, proceedings, claims, liabilities, demands, costs, losses, damages and expenses of whatsoever nature and howsoever occurring, should they, suffer, or sustain, arising directly, indirectly or in any other way connected with the customer or any other person participating in the unloading of material, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), breach of statutory duty or otherwise. This indemnity applies irrespective of any negligence on the part of ABBEY ALUMINIUM PTY LTD, its Associates or any other person.


  • Customer acknowledges that the signature on the quotation implies that all details, glass, quantities, hardware, colour and sizes are correct.
  • If reveals are requested they will be supplied as Finger Jointed Primed Pine Reveals attached to the aluminium frame thus increasing the frame size.
  • Abbey Aluminium takes no responsibility for customer supplied measurements.
  • No protection to windows and doors is provided unless specified in quotation .
  • No angles are included in the quote unless specified.
  • Nailing fins come standard on residential frames unless requested to be removed.
  • Fixing brackets are not included unless specified on the quotation.
  • Client is responsible for the installation of all flyscreens and handle mechanisms.
  • Restrictors are not included unless specified by the client.
  • Large frames are delivered in knock down condition, the client is responsible to screw frames together
  • All door frames and door panels come separately, the client is responsible for the installation of the frame, the panel adjustments. If maintenance is required for poor installation then a cost will be incurred to the customer.
  • Unless specified in the quote, NO onsite glazing is covered by Abbey Aluminium for windows or doors.
  • Subsills are not provided unless requested.
  • Client is responsible for waterproofing of windows. If structure is not waterproofed correctly warranties are voided.


  • Glass breakage is not covered by Abbey Aluminium once the product has been delivered and supplied to the customer.
  • We do not accept any responsibility for thermal breakage in glass. Please note Low E laminated or Low E toughened glass while rare can be particularly susceptible to thermal breakage.
  • Abbey Aluminium does not cover Glass in our products that have been modified in any way by the addition of a film, tint, privacy or any other finish not authorised by Abbey Aluminium.
  • We do not warrant any natural variations in the clarity of glass and paint colour batching in respect of painted glass, laminated glass, translucent glass , Nanoclean EnduroShield® glass coating treatment. Any discolouration or delamination of glass finishes that may occur under certain climatic condition.


  • We will provide one check measure (additional check measures will incur a charge)
  • We will remove existing windows and or doors and dispose of this rubbish. Blinds – Curtains – Pelmets – Plantation Shutters are not included as rubbish and will not to be removed from the site. 
  • Existing Blinds are too be removed and replaced by others, not Abbey Aluminium. Customer is to be aware these items may not fit back into the replaced window or door product.
  • Installation price is subject to site check measure.
  • Supplied timber reveals and architraves are Finger Jointed Primed Pine Reveals unless otherwise requested and stated in the quotation.
  • Quotation does not include cleaning of windows and doors or removal of furniture to access work area location.
  • Installation does not include any type of demolition or rebuilding of structural walls, gyprock, glass splashbacks or tiling. Painting or filling of nail holes  on any internal or exterior timber or any asbestos removal. 
  • Abbey Aluminium will only replace existing windows and or doors into the pre-existing openings when installing ourproducts and no provision is made to re-locate or remove any external awning fixtures that are attached to existing windows to be replaced.
  • If any Asbestos needs to be disturbed in any way. Work will stop and the owner will have to have it removed by professionals at their own cost, not Abbey Aluminium.
  • Uncovered paint lines around windows or door due to the installation is not covered by Abbey Aluminium.
  • Any unforeseen problems such as steel or timber posts or, dry rot, electrical work, plumbing, white ants, tiles cracking or chipped gyprock, existing timber beams that may sag in the future are NOT covered under the installation or Warranty by Abbey Aluminium.
  • Abbey Aluminium strongly recommends having a structural engineer look at the existing opening before the customer accepts installation of a top hung door or window product.
  • Abbey Aluminium may refuse to attend a site or continue with installation that is considered to be a WHS risk to our installers or employees.

Abbey Aluminium will  ensure that the Works start as soon as it is reasonably possible, but where completion is delayed by a customer in an event beyond Abbey Aluminium’s  control including but not limited to any failure by the Customer to Abbey Aluminium (a) weather; or (b) have the site ready for the Works; or (c) notify ABBEY ALUMINIUM PTY LTD that the site is ready resulting in Abbey Aluminium’s affecting our ability  to install  shall not entitle either party to treat this contract as repudiated.  ABBEY ALUMINIUM PTY LTD shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever due to failure by ABBEY ALUMINIUM to deliver the Works (or any part of them) promptly or at all, where due to circumstances beyond the control of ABBEY ALUMINIUM PTY LTD. 




  • Supply Only requires a 50% deposit on the placement of order, progression payments may be required depending on the total cost of the quotation.
  • Orders of $500 or less are required to be paid in full on the placement of the order.
  • Outstanding balances are  required to be paid  prior to or on delivery.
  • Once the quotation has been accepted and materials have been ordered, changes thereafter will incur a fee for any additional cost of labour and materials as required.
  • It is not possible to accept cancellations or provide refunds after placing a Supply Only order.
  • For large orders, progression payments may be required and this will may be communicated through electronic forms such as emails or invoices.




  • Installation quotations require a 10% deposit prior to check measure. If we require to provide a final confirmation in price, this will be done at check measure stage. An 80% progression payment is required prior to start date of manufacturing and or installation services. The balance of  10% can be paid after the completion of installation work.  
  • Once the quotation has been accepted and materials have been ordered, changes thereafter will incur a fee for any additional variations, cost of labour and materials as required.
  • For Installation Services it is only possible to accept a  cancellation or provide a refund  prior to check measure or within 24hours after check measure has occurred.  After 24 hours from Check Measure it is not possible to provide  a refund or cancellation of the order. 
  • Quotations that contain part Supply and  part Installation services, your quote will be subject to the Terms and Conditions of Supply Only Payment. The full amount is to be paid for installation services prior to install unless a prior written negotiation has taken place through correspondence such as emails.




  • The care of goods lies solely with the customer or site it was delivered to.
  • If at any time of such delivery the customer is absent from the site, delivery shall be deemed to have been made at the place nominated by the customer or Abbey Aluminium representative.
  • Goods shall be deemed to have been delivered in good order and condition.
  • If the Customer fails to accept any part of the Goods which Abbey Aluminium has dispatched in conformity with the Contract and such part of the Goods is returned to our factory,  and re-dispatched, then Abbey Aluminium may  require the Customer to pay a charge equal to double the current delivery charge.
  • Any delay in our advised delivery date requested by the customer may incur a storage fee per day, of $50.00(inc GST) at Abbey Aluminium discretion.
  • Adjustment charges will be applied should the items need to be resized.
  • Abbey Aluminium shall not be financially liable in any way for failure to deliver the Goods and/or supply the Services within the stated time and the Customer may not reject the Goods and/or Services on account of such failure to deliver within the stated time.
  • Abbey Aluminium  shall not be liable for any failure to supply or deliver the Goods or Services due to strikes, fires, explosions, flood, riot, lock-out, injunction, interruption of transportation, accidents, war, governmental action or other circumstances beyond Abbey Aluminium’s control.



Abbey Aluminium PTY LTD is a member of the AWA-AGGA Association  and as such conforms to an Industry code of Conduct designed to protect consumers.  Abbey Aluminium PTY LTD is regularly inspected by AWA-AGGA to validate that the window and door products examined have been manufactured to the relevant Australian Standards and the legislative requirements of the National construction Code of Australia.

 *******   7 Year Warranty   *******

ABBEY ALUMINIUM PTY LTD hereby guarantees all windows and door products, materials and on-site workmanship against any faults in the manufacture for a period of **** 7 **** Year Warranty  from the date of completion on the contract.  For this Warranty to apply:

All Goods must be installed, and all Services must be rendered, in accordance with relevant Australian Standards and standard building practices; and You must follow:

  • The Manufacturer’s Instructions applicable to the Goods and Services the subject of this Warranty; and
  • Any instructions which We print on the labels, packaging or operation manuals of Goods; and
  • Any and all instructions published on Our website(s) from time to time; and
  • Any other instructions for the installation, care and maintenance of Goods that We may publish from time to time.

You acknowledge and agree that a failure to follow the Australian Standards, Manufacturer’s Instructions and any other instructions, as applicable, may void this Warranty.

This Warranty does not apply to:

  • Moving parts such as rollers, handles, lock mechanisms, hinges, flyscreens, tears in fly mesh or glass breakage,
  • Parts supplied by other manufacturers as separate components that we do not supply as standard to use on our products.
  • Damage caused by accident, misuse, transport by others, installation or any external cause.
  • Failure to install, use and operate the product in a way that it is not in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Good building practice/ relevant building standards or a use for which the product has not been designed or recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Service work that is carried out by others and not Abbey Aluminium or authorised agents.
  • Installations of our products from third parties.
  • Tea Staining, rust that can occur on stainless steel hardware near coastal areas
  • Does not cover a leaking subsill in Supply Only quotations.
  • Window reveals that  have not been protected from the weather or its elements
  • Does not cover marks and scratches that are subject to Australian Standards.
  • Does not cover cosmetic imperfections or damage.
  • Does not cover slight variations in colour of powder coating or any colour variation in anodised colours for any Abbey Aluminium  supplied products.  Fading, darkening or colour change in aluminium surfaces of Goods, including powder coated finishes, caused by normal weather conditions or coastal areas.




  • For purposes hereunder, “Business Day” means a day that is not a Saturday, Sunday or any other day which is a public holiday or a bank holiday in the place where an act is to be performed or a payment is to be made. “Customer” means the person to whom the Quotation is addressed and/or any person who accepts it. “Contract” means the contract for the sale of the Goods and the supply of the Services specified in the Order and subject to these terms and conditions of sale. The Customer is liable to pay to ABBEY ALUMINIUM PTY LTD and ABBEY ALUMINIUM PTY LTD may recover in full from the Customer all costs, expenses and disbursements incurred and / or payable by ABBEY ALUMINIUM PTY LTD (including debt collection agency fees and legal costs of a solicitor and own client basis) arising from or as a result of Abbey Aluminium exercising or enforcing or seeking or exercise or enforce a right under these Terms and Conditions or the accompanying Deed of Guarantee, Indemnity and Charge, and in particular, in collecting or attempting to collect amounts that are due to Abbey Aluminium. Such costs, expenses and disbursements may be recovered by ABBEY ALUMINIUM PTY LTD from the Customer as a liquidated debt. ABBEY ALUMINIUM PTY LTD may apply payments received from the Customer firstly to any costs, expenses and disbursements, then to interest and then to other amounts owed by the Customer.


  • In addition to delivery in person, via post and via facsimile, the customer agrees to have quotations, invoices and statements sent via email. The Customer agrees that email communications from ABBEY ALUMINIUM PTY LTD to the Customer constitute an “electronic communication” within the meaning of the Electronic Transactions Act 2000 (NSW). The Customer agrees that in agreeing to receive quotations,  invoices and statements via email, and the service of notices via e-mail under the NSW Act 1999 or any like or similar legislation that may be applicable in the State or Territory where the goods were delivered to the Customer.


  • To proceed with a quotation and you have signed and paid a deposit, you are bound by the Terms and Conditions of Abbey Aluminium.
  • Once the quotation has been accepted and materials have been ordered, changes thereafter will incur a fee for any additional cost of labour and materials as required.
  • It is not possible to accept cancellations or provide refunds after placing a Supply Only order.
  • For Installation Services it is only possible to accept a  cancellation or provide a refund  prior to check measure or within 24hours after check measure has occurred.  After 24 hours from Check Measure it is not possible to provide  a refund or cancellation of the order. 




To make a Claim under this Warranty, You must adhere to the following procedure:

  • Within thirty (30) days of any defect arising,
  • You must notify Us of the defect in writing (Notification);
  • The Notification must include:
    • Your full name, address and telephone number;
    • Your original proof of purchase of the item(s) the subject of the defect or Claim;
    • A written description of the defect;
    • Where possible, a photograph of the defect; and
    • A written assurance that the Goods have not been damaged, incorrectly assembled, installed or operated, negligently treated or misused.
  • The Notification must be made to: (i) Abbey Aluminium supplier who supplied the Goods/Services to You;
  • or (ii) Unit4/244 Horsley Road, Milperra, T (02) 97712800; or (iii) An enquiry through our website(s) at https://www.abbeyaluminium.com.au2 Following receipt of a Notification, We will contact You, arrange for the Goods to be inspected and determine the Claim in a timely manner.
  • For the purpose of assessing the Claim and if required by Us, You acknowledge and agree to make the Goods available for inspection by Us between 9am – 4pm, Monday – Friday.
  • You acknowledge and agree to bear all costs and expenses associated with making any Claim under this Warranty.
  • For the purposes of determining any Claim, You acknowledge and agree that We retain the right, in Our sole discretion, to reasonably determine whether You have followed the Australian Standards, Manufacturer’s Instructions and any other instructions provided for the Goods and Services which are the subject of the Claim.

This Warranty shall be governed and interpreted according to the laws of the State or Territory of Australia as JELD-WEN may in its sole discretion determine. Failing such determination, You agree and consent to apply the laws of the State of New South Wales.