Abbey Aluminium Warranty Information

ABBEY ALUMINIUM PTY LTD hereby guarantees all windows and door products, materials and on site workmanship against any faults in manufacture or finish for a period of (7) Years from the date of completion on the contract. This guarantee covers leakage due to faulty fabrication or faulty installation from our designated installer. It does not cover installations from third parties.
The Warranty shall not apply to and we will not be liable for: (1) Failure to comply with the Company’s Door and Window instructions for care and maintenance; or (2) The product has been subject to misuse, abuse or neglect; (3) We do not cover any glass breakage, flyscreen damage, wheel carriage or locks.

For purposes hereunder, “the Company” refers to ABBEY ALUMINIUM PTY LTD, or their agents. “The buyer” refers to the person or Company whose signature or seal appears here on as accepting this quotation.

Details and price are subject to review if necessary after 30 Days from the date of the original quotation.
Details and pricing hereon will be deemed to be correct and agreed to by the buyer upon receipt by the Company of the signed Quotation slip. Such order is subject to acceptance by the Company. Verbal agreements or other representations not set out hereon will not be recognized.
Abbey Aluminium takes no responsibility for customer supplied measurements, adjustment charges will be applied should the items need to be resized. In some cases the whole item may be charged again as it cannot be resized.

Payment in full is due on practical completion. If a claim is to be made, such is to be submitted within 7 days of practical completion of the contract. 5% of the contract price may be retained by the buyer until such claim is rectified or settled.

  1. The installation of your windows or doors will be carried out by specialist installers. Naturally, the utmost care will be taken to protect your property, however it is your responsibility to protect and move your valuables not ABBEY Aluminium’s and not the Installer. Please remove any large items and smaller fragile equipment (i.e. entertainment units, lounges, stereos, televisions, vases, pianos, paintings, soft furnishings and any ornaments etc from the immediate vicinity of the work.
  2. Some external awnings are attached to existing timber windows. No provision is made by the Abbey Aluminium to re-locate these fixings, as no fixings can be made to the new aluminium frames.
  3. It is possible that internal Holland, Venetian blinds, Plantation shutters Retractable fly screens may not fit the opening after the installation of your new windows or door. If you have any queries regarding this; please raise it upon acceptance of quotation as Abbey Aluminium takes no responsibility. No allowance has been made in the quotation for the removal and refitting blinds, curtains, drapes plantation shutters, retractable fly screens etc. Binds – curtains – pelmets – Plantation Shutters, these items are not included as rubbish and will not be removed from site.
  4. No allowance is made on the quotation for painting, or filling of nail holes on any internal or exterior timber and gyprock work. The timber is planned, ready for sanding and painting. No responsibility will be taken for existing timber beams that may sag in the future. Uncovered paint lines around windows or door due to the installation is not covered by Abbey Aluminium.
  5. Installers use dust sheets in all installations, and take special care with your property. However it is your responsibility to protect all flooring, furniture and ornaments.
  6. Existing windows & Doors in most cases cannot be taken out in whole.
  7. All effort is made by the Company Abbey Aluminium to detect possible structural damage or faulty work done by others, however, Abbey Aluminium will not cover any damage caused due to faulty building construction, including aged or loose plastering, render, loose tiles/bricks or brick sills or old fibro both internally or external. We do not cover splash backs of any kind or the re-locating of plumbing and or electrical wiring, these items are not part of this contract and could incur additional costs to the client. Drilling or cutting of tiles is NOT covered in this contract and the Company ABBEY Aluminium will take no responsibility for any damage to these items during the installation process.
  8. ABBEY Aluminium PTY LTD reserves the right to determine the final installation method as may be structurally necessary.
  9. Balance of money owing in respect of this contract is to be paid on completion of the project. If payment not received within this Period, the balance then remaining will attract interest at the rate of 5% PER WEEK until such payment be made in full.
  10. Title to ownership of goods does not take place until account is paid.
  11. Time lost or delays due to unforeseen problems (electrical/plumbing/dry rot/termites/ unfinished work) Or If the work is cancelled on the day of commencement by owner for any reason. There will be a one off additional fee of $300 payable on the day.
  12. Deposit paid to Abbey Aluminium P/L is not redeemable after 7 days.
  13. Only work stated in “writing” on this contract is included in the total price
  14. If any Asbestos needs to be disturbed in any way. Work will stop and the owner will have to have it removed by professionals at their cost not ABBEY. Costs as outlined in clause 11 will apply.
  15. Any unforeseen problems such as steel or timber posts or, dry rot, electrical work, plumbing, white ants, Tiles and so on are NOT covered under this quote
  16. Abbey Aluminium strongly recommends having a structural engineer look at the existing opening before installing a top hung door or window.
  17. Delivery payment must be made prior to delivery or goods will be returned to Abbey and an additional charge of $800 will apply to return to site and install .